Revolutionary Full Colored HD Night Vision Is Finally Here

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High-Definition has become a norm, not only for every device but for every tech-savvy person. Even if a YouTube video offers poor video quality, chances are that the viewer would leave it watching no matter how interesting the content could be. Therefore, companies work on to keep pace with users demand. Probably that is the reason technology changes almost every six months.

Similarly, the first ever night vision device was made back in 1939 and progressively changed over the years. However, the image quality was not as enhanced as it should have been. But the wait is finally over as Komamura – a Japanese company has demonstrated brilliant HD colored results of its new night vision camera; Falcon Eye KC-2000. As the name suggests, it can see like a falcon. They compared Falcon Eye night vision with a canon placing the two live streams side by side. Falcon Eye showed an HD image as bright as a day, whereas in canon video, we were only able to make the silhouettes.

falcon KC2000


The comparison of Canon 100 night vision with Falcon Eye KC-2000 shows the results as below:

Colored Night Vision

The company has only released few specifications of the camera without disclosing the working. The potential market is intended to military and law enforcement agencies as the product would be too expensive for an ordinary person to afford.

Falcon Eye would truly tell its worth once released and customer reviews are obtained. Until then based on the video we can only say that war zone is about to become tougher for the army lacking this technology.

Hd vision KC2000

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