Contact Lenses To Use Infrared Vision In Future

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If you’ve ever seen the movie Predator you know how the Predator sees. He sees in Infrared. The signs of anything moving are clearly visible to him because he senses the heat given off by every living thing. Infra red goggles already exist but the sheer size of them, especially for military personnel is a problem. Researchers from the University of Michigan have seemingly solved that problem by making lenses that are sensitive to infrared light using the wonder material, graphene.

Infra Red lens

Graphene’s properties have still not been fully discovered, it can act as bullet proof armour, a supercapacitor, a semi conductor that is better than silicon for computers and it can absorb many wavelengths of light including infra red. The problem is that its hard to handle because it is thinner than a strand of hair.

Infra Red

The Researchers experimented by sandwiching a dielectric in between two layers of graphene so the entire thing can act as a phototransister. The amount of electrons flowing through the transistor are also increased due to this arrangement so that the device can achieve a sensitivity to light comparable to a standard digital camera.

Integrating this thin device with a contact lens could serve military purposes as well as help in medicine to identify tumours or inflammations.

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