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Samsung is a company that has played its game very well through the years. First it manufactured all sorts of home appliances; from refrigerators to televisions to DVD players and then it began to diversify. After many initial failed attempts to create popular smartphones, Samsung came out with the Samsung Galaxy series. Today Samsung dominates the market with its Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and its range of Galaxy Tablets. Now it’s looking to converge all of its products towards a connecting point, the automated home.

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An Android app has been released that allows users to control appliances (most of them from Samsung) like washing machines, televisions and refrigerators from their smartphones or tablets. The app works by connecting all of the devices through Samsung’s cloud server. Samsung’s monopoly over mobile device and appliance markets makes this a win-win situation. Chances are you at least own one Samsung appliance that the app works with and if you don’t, any and all 2014 smart TVs can automatically synchronize with it.

One’s home will truly become automated and at one’s finger tips because everything from checking the refrigerator temperature to turning off the television set can be done with the app. You can even say “Good Night” to different appliances to turn them off, something close and personal to give the cold technology some feeling.

smart home

Of course Samsung will be rolling out smart bulbs, smart ovens and some version of a smart everything to synch with the app to keep existing users hooked and future users yearn for the connectivity they are being offered. The Korean Giant is slowly leaving the competition in the dust.

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