Control Gestures With A Thumb Ring

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The smart thumb ring, Fin – features in-built sensors, Bluetooth 4.0 technology and a battery which lasts over a month gives you the ultimate experience of gestures control with the movement of your thumb.

These brilliant guys from India have designed a thumb ring, which opens up the endless possibilities of gestures control in the modern world. Taking the experience of interacting with your favorite gadgets to next level, this ring promises a number of applications. Examples provided by the company website include controlling your smartphone while driving, adjusting the volume or changing channels on a Smart TV by swiping your thumb in a particular direction or acting as a game controller.

Fin Useage

Thumb Ring Fin

“Dreaming of a world where technology runs in the palms of your hands, where a mere finger-flick can bring you resources and functions never imagined before” – the website quote.

Fin also features an LED indicator and runs on a lithium-iron battery that provides a month of use on a single recharge through Micro-USB port. Claimed to be dust and water proof, Fin’s Software Development Kit (SDK) is expected to release for developers to explore their own ideas, on how it can be used. It is compatible with all major operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows. The ring will come in white, orange, black, blue and green, with shipping estimated for September, if all goes well. You can pre-order Fin for $130, which includes the final version of Fin with official T-Shirt.

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