Control SmartPlane With Your SmartPhone

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This is the world’s first smartphone controlled plane that’s also crash-proof. The specially designed plane contains built-in sensors, which, when connected to your smartphone helps it fly in the air.

From the Smart Wallet to Smart Door Bell, smartphones have been proactively used over the lap of time to make your life more easier, simpler and productive. Meanwhile, few brilliant guys also try to make it fun. The start-up from Germany has crafted an RC plane which can be controlled with your iPhone. It features a dedicated iOS app, which gets connected to the smartplane, when brought nearer to the iPhone. The app layout is similar to a real plane’s cockpit to provide you with intuitive controls. In addition, material used to make the plane is crash-proof, which means that it doesn’t matter if you make a crash landing or hit a wall accidently. Your smartplane is safe for life.

smartplane view

smartplane control

The SmartPlane works with the Bluetooth Smart wireless technology and is powered by the standard Lithium-Polymer battery. User can enjoy flying the plane up to 30 min on a single charge and recharge in 15 min using a standard microUSB cable. You can grab your own package for $94 from the product’s website.

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