The Awesome Lego Keyboard Is Yet Another Cool Stuff For Geeks

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Lego building blocks were a part of many people’s childhoods. Making bendable towers and ships and houses and robots and almost anything else you could think of was all possible with Lego. The company has made a big enough name for itself now that it releases Lego versions of video games and now has its own movie (aptly called “The Lego Movie”). As the franchise grows bigger some engineers have come up with their own customized inventions like a Braille printer. Now Jason Alleman, a Lego engineer, has created a customizable keyboard made of Lego.

Awesome Lego KeyboardLego has released so many different parts and pieces that there really is no limit to what Jason could do to create a keyboard. Different characters and building blocks were used to represent different functions. Arrow keys were already symbols so they remained, but things like the Caps Lock Key was replaced with a key sporting a construction workers cap and the Home button now features a literal house brick. Also, the windows key has been replaced with Lego windows, that was a no brainer.

Inside of the Keyboard

This all started in 2005 when Jason first had this idea but the project was shelved when it was found to be incompatible with the Windows Keyboard. Only a few weeks ago, the engineer saw an old keyboard on the side of the road and had a go at it again. He took an old circuit board from a keyboard and began. The main difficulty was to find a membrane that equally spaced the keys above the surface so it was as easy to type on the Lego keyboard as any other.

Personally I can’t wait until this ships out commercially. It’ll add a touch of nostalgia to the computer, something I have never felt.

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