Crawling Robots Are Used By Israel To Explore Gaza Tunnels

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The recent Israel – Palestine conflict has generated outbursts from different parts of the world including celebrities, TV reporters and social media, Muslims, non-Muslims alike. Many people have condemned the tactics of Israeli army. The alarming stats of life and property loss due to conflict has been revealed by Palestinian Information Ministry earlier this month. This indicated that around 1743 Palestinians have been killed including 396 children and 230 women, while 9100 have been injured, including 2767 children and 1814 women as a result current situation.

Micro Tactical Ground Robots used against gaza

If we consider the war-fare technology; Israel has an advantage over Palestine. Recently, they launched a red-alert application to warn the Israeli civilians about a possible bombing but the civilians probably never felt the need to use the application.

Earlier this month, Israel has started using crawler robots to explore the underground tunnels thought to be used by Hamas. According to Israeli army, these tunnels are used to transit military as well as civilian equipment.

Micro Tactical Ground Robots used by israel

Israeli start-up Robo Team has manufactured this Micro Tactical Ground Robot for the reconnaissance, identification and monitoring in dark, narrow, rugged and difficult places for access by human beings. It weighs less than nine pounds and is 45.46 cm long, 36.83 cm wide and 14.47 cm tall. These robots are also equipped with explosive detectors.

The tactical robot is fitted with five cameras with day and night vision, an internal microphone and an infra-red laser. It can take 360 degree images and transmit sound data in real time to operators. The speed of robot is 0.89 meters per second and can travel up to 500 meters in a single charged battery.

Micro Tactical Ground Robots

According to source, “Several systems are already operating with combat engineering units and specialized infantry against the dozens of tunnels and multiple access points concealed in homes and civilian structures throughout the Gaza Strip.”

Israeli army has discovered and destroyed at least 30 tunnels with bulldozers. It is still unclear if the tunnels really pose any threat to Israel or it’s just another no-reason-destruction.

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