Crazy Musical Instruments Made Out Of Daily Used Material

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Fans of musical instruments desire to collect the most unique and rare instruments they can get their hands on. We have collected crazy, rare, DIY and some expensive instruments which are made from materials you can found in everyday use.

Guitar Made Out Of Glass

Glass Guitar

Guitar Made Out Of Industrial Waste

Guitar From Industrial Waste

Jingle Bells With Bells Attached To Craft Sticks

Jingle Bells

Key Chain Wind Chime

Key Wind Chime

Lego Guitar

Lego guitar

Acoustic Guitar Made Out Of Popsicle Sticks

Pop Stick Guitar

An Orchestra In Paraguay – “Landfill Harmonic Orchestra” Play Instruments Only Made Out Of Trash And Recycled Goods

Recycled Instrucments At Orchestra

Singing Straws

Singing Straws

Stained Glass Straws 

Stained Glass Guitar

Tambourine Made Out Of Embroidery Hoops And Bottle Caps 


Thumb Piano With Bobby Pins 

thumb piano

Solid Gold Guitar – Goldcaster 

Gold Guitar

Weapon Guitar Made As A Peace Symbol – Ironic! 

Gun Guitar

Guitar Made Out Of Plastic From Food Industry By Simon Lee 

Plastic From food Industry Guitar

Source: viralnova, Pinterest

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