CuffLinc Smart Jewelry Will Be Your Security Guard In Future

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In spy novels like James Bond or the World of Mystery Series there are many times when the friend of the protagonist or the protagonist himself is in trouble and he or she activates a homing beacon that acts as a distress call. The beacon is activated by a button on the belt or on the wrist watch or on some obscure part of the clothing. With today’s technology there is such a system.


It’s called the CuffLinc. This aptly named sensor is hidden in your jewelry like a small bug. It can be your watch, your bracelet, your necklace or key chain etc. Marketing scheme for the CuffLinc emphasizes on security with style and tries to ensure a peace of mind while you are out and happen to come across “trouble” which is fairly common now.


The sensor sends an SOS message of sorts to the close circle of friends you have selected to receive your distress call and sends them alerts frequently to ensure they receive the message. The mechanism works this way; the CuffLinc is always connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone through the CuffLinc application in the phone. When the sensor is triggered by pressing down on the right place in the jewelry, the distress call is sent to all your friends in the list you’ve made.

The best part about the CuffLinc is that it doesn’t need to be charged. It will remain in working condition for a year and then need to be replaced. You can Pre-order it from the website.

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