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The younger generation of tech lovers is familiar only with smooth non-felt clickable icons on the smart phone.  But this is not true for the old folks who miss the feel of those round buttons on mobile, which were used with lots of ease and comfort. The new touch screen hype confuses them even more. If you miss the old style buttons, no matter which generation you belong to, Dimple might have the solution for you.

Meet dimple four buttons on your phone

Dimple has come up with custom buttons for your android phone. They are stick-on buttons that can be attached on an Android NFC enabled smart phone anywhere except the screen. The unique feature is that you can configure them to access any application you want to, with just one click. e.g. If most of your work is at night, may be you can configure it to be a torch. The perk of having a torch at a click away is handy at the emergency time. You do not have to waste your time entering password and dealing with automatic screen-off every few minutes.

Dimple specifications for its two products

The buttons come with three different colors and with two button counts i.e. 4 long & short press and 2 long & short press with difference in prices. Users can trigger more applications while using both long and short presses.

Overall the product got mostly positive reviews. A simple idea of bringing back the old buttons sparked novelty with NFC enabled android phones. The product allows you to access your favorite applications with a click away. This feature is useful not only for traditional mobile users but does comes in handy on specific occasions.

Check the video below and share your thoughts in the comment section.

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