Danish Amusement Park Throws Human From 100 Feet Tower

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Newton did devise the law of gravity from a falling apple, but have you ever wondered what it’s like experiencing a gravitational pull. You can try to jump off a building, but then the only person to whom you will share the experience will be Newton himself. If you are still crazy enough to try for the sake of thrill, then you can visit this amusement park in Denmark.

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Amusement parks appeal to all thrill seekers because of the entertainment attractions, rides and travelling carnivals. Rides such as Roller Coaster, Expedition Everest, Phantom’s revenge, Nitro are all the ones with tracks and cable cars to take you to a scary ride. All these rides offer multiple level of safety to avoid any unfortunate accident. Though not the Danish Amusement Park!

You can experience the real free fall from a 50 meters sky tower located at Tivoli Friheden Park in Denmark. You can jump 30 meters down from the top of the tower at 90 km/hour. The jaw-dropping fact is that there will be no safety wires attached, just a net at the bottom.

danish sky tower for 100 ft drop to bottom

The visitor will need to wear a special harness to get a thrill of 40 meters drop onto a net attached to four pillars of the tower. It will be an absolute 100% free fall without any strap or wire. You will know the 4G effect, that is to say, your body weight will be multiplied by 4 during the fall.

jump 100 ft without any wire

The minimum allowed age is 14 years or 120 kg age and minimum weight 50 Kg. The visitor should not have any health problems such as hypertension, epilepsy, fractures, height fear, and health or back problems.

The sky tower will remain closed during thunderstorm and high speed winds for safety reasons. On regular days, it will open at around 1 pm in the afternoon.

Now you can be in the special group of “Daredevils” who proudly wear “I did it” pin. Check out these daredevils in the video below.

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