Dell Is Bringing Its Rugged And Extreme Laptop Series

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It’s no secret that Dell’s Laptops are serious work machines. Yours truly is typing on one right now and has never been happier with its fluid performance. Their gaming division, Alienware, makes some of the best gaming PCs on the planet and even their regular laptops (including this one I’m typing on) can handle the most extreme games with a bit of tweaking. But that’s nothing compared to what the new Rugged Extreme Series can handle.

dells rugged series

Dell is shipping out its line of Latitude Rugged Extreme Laptops soon and they are built to withstand the harshest of conditions. Drop tested from a height of six feet these 12-14 inch laptops look more like briefcases or ammunition packs and that’s the idea. They’re built for soldiers, first responders and scientists working in what can never be described as ideal conditions. The laptops have sealed ports that work with Dell’s QuadCool thermal management system to withstand temperatures from -29 C to 63 C.  The design consists of an impact resistant ultra polymer and magnesium alloy that produces a sturdy and rock solid exterior. The device is dust proof and water proof.

dells extreme laptop

The interior is also impressive. A memory option from 4 to 16 gigabytes is available and the hard drive carries 512 gigabytes of storage. There is a full HD webcam on the front and an 8 mega-pixel camera with a flash on the bottom; the latter, however, only comes with the 12 inch model.


The laptop’s screen also flips over like a turbine when the lid is closed and the screen can be used as a multi touch surface even while wearing thick gloves. The device will be available in May, starting at a monster price of $3,469.

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