DermoScreen Is An App To Detect Cancer With High Accuracy

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A myriad of researchers are working on beating the demon known as cancer today. Medicine for cancer and techniques to destroy cancerous tissue are constantly being worked upon, but the probability of beating the disease is still greatest only if it is detected in early stages. Special dyes that detect cancerous tissue inside the body have been developed, that allow greater success rate in tumor operations, but there isn’t anyway to detect cancer at home, before today.

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A new iOS App has been released by Professor George Zouridakis a the University of Houston. George has been working on cancer detection techniques since 2005. Now he hopes, the app developed will help cancer diagnosis for those that can’t afford doctors, especially those in 3rd world countries. 

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The App astonishingly gives a correct analysis of the data it has collected 85% of the time for early stage cancer patients. That is roughly how accurate biopsies are. Its also sandwiched between the success rate in diagnosis by dermatologists (90%) and family doctors (50-70%).


The App works with a specially designed magnifying glass, which costs $500. Though much cheaper than dermatologists, the App magnifying glass still is out of range of the common man living in the 3rd world countries. The Professor hopes that this setup will help increase the likelihood of detecting early stage cancer. In parallel to it, he is also working on a similar App for flesh eating diseases as well. The App is currently being tested in the University of Texas.

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