Diet Cheese And Cakes Will Have Proteins Instead Of Fats

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How many times have you pulled back your hand from sugary delights? Even when you craved for cheese cake or vanilla pastry, saying no on account of dieting is kind of a punishment than a healthy choice. This news will even make the strict dieters look up from their dieting plans.

fat products will now use proteins

Protein based cheeses and cakes will hit the supermarket shelves very soon. These products will closely mimic the fat behavior without losing the taste. Dieters, you should probably send a thank-you note to the researchers at Heriot-Watt University and the University of Edinburgh.

According to new research conducted at the institutes, scientists found out that on processing or heating proteins, its chemical structure gets changed. This property of protein can be manipulated to make them behave more like fats. You will be able to relinquish your unnatural dieting habits and enjoy your life while still remaining healthy.

protein for fat cheese cake

Previously protein-for-fat products have been manufactured but they were never able to substitute fat convincingly in terms of taste and texture. With the new study, it is speculated that manufacturers can put less fat in products without losing the quality and taste of the food.

The research team is working to create a computer model to let others know the optimum amount of protein required in the food product.

The potential benefits not only include low-fat foods but also a decrease in burden on National Health Service (NHS) due to huge number of obesity and weight-related health problems. According to Global Burden of Disease Study 2013, 67% men and 57% women in UK alone are categorized as over-weight.

Protein for fat food products will be commercially available in next two years by a spin-off company Nandi Proteins.

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