This Digital Ring Will Control Your Smartphone

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This digital ring can control your smartphone to deliver texts, emails, social media updates and many more from your smartphone to the finger.

Geeks behind the Smarty Digital Ring claims to come up with a feasible prototype of a smart ring, which when connected to your smartphone, delivers you important notifications on the move. The ring connects to iOS and Android based devices to bring alerts on new texts, emails, phone calls and social media updates. It also features special buttons, which will assist you to control music, capture photos, accept/reject phone calls and make an outgoing call to your favorite numbers.

Smarty Ring Display

Smarty Ring comes with dedicated app to adjust and control the alerts settings. Features  24-hour battery, which gets recharged by a special inductive charger, which can recharge two rings at a time. As shown in the prototype design, it has an LED display which shows time on idle mode and can be used as a timer or stopwatch.

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One of another smartest use of this smarty ring is its tracking feature which helps you secure your smartphone. It means if your ring and phone become separated—perhaps you left it behind at the café or someone just stole it—Smarty Ring will alert you.

Smart Ring Time

The ring itself is planned to roll-out in stainless steel with custom fit to your finger, and thanks to its waterproof design, Smarty Ring’s creators say it “makes a great companion for a business professional on vacation who needs live updates even while swimming!”

This wearable electronic will have a retail price of $275, and plans to start shipment in April, 2014.

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