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On 8th March 2014, Malaysian Airliner Flight 370 disappeared. It vanished from all satellite views, didn’t respond to any wireless communication and left the world awestruck as to how such an incident could take place in the digital age. The plane was en route to Beijing and vanished without a trace and authorities could not locate any signs of wreckage. This is when the authorities decided to take the people in to confidence.

Malaysian Airliner Disappears

Now detailed satellite imagery of a 300 square mile area is available for the common internet user to pick apart in order to find any sign that may point to the fate or location of the missing plane. DigitalGlobe, a company based in Colorado USA, is providing the detailed imagery. The company “..owns and operates the most agile and sophisticated constellation of commercial earth imaging satellites in the world.” as the website says.


Within a period of 24 hours different internet users sorted through the maps and pointed out 60,000 objects of interest. It is unclear whether this massive search will turn out to be successful or not but with more fresh eyes looking at the picture, the probability of success rises.

The massive tragedy especially is torturous for the relatives of those lost because they have been lost. With no confirmation of their death or well being the emotions are high and are getting higher.

You can play your part by going to the following link of Tomnod.

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