Don’t Panic, Here Is What To Do When You Have Just 2 Minutes Left To Submit The Assignment

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Teachers can see right through your “My dog ate the homework” excuse plus it is both stupid and old fashioned. You need to come up with a better plan to dodge the assignment submission deadline without any deduction of marks. Don’t panic and check out this proven way of getting extra time for assignment submission.

Step 1: 

Open a new word file, write some text or your half finished assignment in it and save the file. It is important that your file contains some written text.

Last Minute Assignment Submission 1

Step 2: 

Copy and paste the file to create its backup.

Last Minute Assignment Submission 2 Step 3: 

Now open notepad and go to File > open.

Last Minute Assignment Submission 3

Step 4: 

When the  open file dialoge box appears, select “All files” instead of “Text Documents” from the drop down menu in front of the file name and open the original saved word file.

Last Minute Assignment Submission 4

Last Minute Assignment Submission 5

Step 5: 

The file will open up in the notepad like this.

Last Minute Assignment Submission 6

Step 6: 

Remove some random lines from the text and save the file. The file will be saved with .docx extension and not .txt extension.

Last Minute Assignment Submission 7

Step 7: 

Submit the saved file to your professor and keep working on the back up file in order to complete the assignment. When your professor opens the submitted file, he will have the error message. You can use this opportunity to get some extra time from your professor.

Last Minute Assignment Submission 8

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1 Comment to Don’t Panic, Here Is What To Do When You Have Just 2 Minutes Left To Submit The Assignment

  1. What a completely stupid article. A better title is “here’s how to cheat when you didn’t organise yourself to do your work on time.” Of course most assignments this excuse won’t work as this still counts as your fault!!

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