Driving Data Onto The Wind Shield Is Finally A Reality

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Jaguar Land Rover has revealed a “Virtual Wind Screen” concept to aid drivers in road and track driving. The future cars will display high quality graphics and driving data to the drivers right on the entire wind shield.

What is Jaguar planning to virtually display on your windscreen? There are three main features to look out for.

First, the virtual display will give a color coded indication of the racing line on the road track. This will help the driver to optimally control the speed and direction e.g. at the road turns; the indicator turns red. It means you can either slow down or if you are racer, drifting your car will help you maintain speed around sharp turns.

virtual wind screen to guide drivers in future

Secondly, you can experience what was only possible in games like racing your ghost from the previous lap. Yes, you can beat your previous lap time by racing with the visualization of your own car. You will be able to improve your lap times for the next racing competition.

jaguar virtual wind screen get info of the other car

Thirdly, you can mimic the exact route of your contender. The wind screen will display virtual cones, canvassing the path taken by the vehicle right ahead of you. You can simply drive between the cones.

The big idea was to minimize the distractions from the physical button and keep the driver eyes focused on the road. For this purpose they are developing the gesture control system with the latest E-field sensing on the capacitive touch screens. This will provide high level of accuracy detecting any gesture made in the car or on the screen.

In addition, the research team is aiming to replace rear views and external mirrors with cameras and virtual displays. This will help drivers to judge the distance and speed of the oncoming cars.

Race your ghost thorugh virtual windscreen

According to Dr Wolfgang Epple, Director of Research and Technology for Jaguar Land Rover, the research project will provide the driver with better information to enhance the driving experience. The highest quality virtual images at the windscreen will allow a driver to judge speed and distance accurately for taking better driving decisions.

Jaguar is testing the system for features like sunblinds, rear wipers and satellite navigation maps. They hope to release a working model of the car in a few years.

See the “Virtual Wind Screen” in action below and share your comments.

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