Drone Technology To Hit Giant Ships In Future

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Drones are to invade not only skies but also the World Ocean soon. Just a few days back, we heard about unmanned aerial vehicle that would deliver documents and other goods to customers all around the world and now Rolls-Royce the famous jet engine and ship manufacturer company has come up with a wild new idea of designing unmanned cargo ships. These envisioned crew less drone freighters will be able to shuttle cargo without a single human being on board. By doing so the company would be able to cut down $3000 per day crew cost.

Rolls-Royce Believes that time of Drone Cargo Ships Has come.

Rolls-Royce Believes that time of Drone Cargo Ships Has come.

The London based company has built a virtual prototype of this massive cargo drone at its office in Alesund, Norway where it is running simulations of the operating system. These unmanned vessels will be equipped with cameras that beam 360-degree view from the ship back to dry land from where they will be steered to destination by their operators.

Rolls Royce Drone Ships

It’s the company’s belief that these ghost ships would be faster, cheaper to operate and less polluting for the $375 billion shipping market; that carries almost 90 percent of world trade.

Drone Cargo Ships

There are enough hurdles and hoops to go through, before this prototype drone ship turns into reality.The London-Based International Chamber of shipping has confirmed that these unmanned cargo ships are illegal under current International Conventions, and then there is the biggest concern of its insurance and security. Without complying with IMO regulations these cargo ships wouldn’t be eligible for Insurance. Rolls-Royce believes that these ships would be more resistant to pirate attack as there won’t be any crew to take hostage whereas others believe that these unmanned ships will see piracy flourish.

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