Drones Will Cover News As Journalist In Future

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There is a diligent camera man and a reporter behind all the exclusive footage you see on television, whether it is the live coverage of a concert, a sports event or a rather unfortunate event. They are risking their lives to provide you the best news.

Drones as journalist

Journalists have to visit all types of places in their career including both secure and dangerous ones such as warzones. But why risk a human life with the advance technology available at our hands? Such as drones: the unmanned aerial vehicle.

CNN and Georgia Tech Research Institute have launched a joint research platform to assess the possibility of using drones for media coverage. Their main task will be to study news gathering applications for this unmanned vehicle. They will also assess the technological needs, safety issues and man power required to come up with a report for submission to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

drones will be used in future journalism

Until now drones have been used as military spies and war machines. Journalism will take a new turn with this tech available in the market.

Drones can film over a political procession, reach disaster struck areas for search & rescue and can reach unimaginable places. This technology can aid in investigative journalism but only after approval from FAA.

drone to be used in media coverage

FAA has very strict rules for drone approval. It rarely grants exceptions for government and law enforcement agencies. It may be a challenge for CNN to get drones approved for media coverage. However, with congress help, drones will be the new journalist by year 2015.

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