Dubai Police To Use Google Glasses Against Traffic Violators

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Google glass was released back in 2013 for developers. It is designed for adventurers who want to capture every beautiful moment in their lives. Developers, on the other hand, are more concerned in making glass more effective in terms of utility. But on a similar note, there are few authorities in government agencies, who have not only adopted the technology but also are adopting new ways to utilize it. For example: Dubai Police.

Police using google glasses for criminals

Dubai Police is testing this wearable technology on a whole new level. They are doing crazy stuff with Google Glass to fight against the traffic violators. There are two main purposes of using it: capture and upload the pictures of traffic violators to the department’s database and to identify stolen/suspicious cars by cross referencing licensed plates from the central database. If the trials are successful they may as well adopt the technology completely.


Earlier this year, police departments at New York and Los Angeles have also started using Google Glass. They will use it to record interactions and conduct surveillance. However, the glasses small screen, low memory and specific head position will be more of a distraction than being useful. In order to increase utility, Google might bring major changes in the hardware in near future. We might see improvements once Google release Glass to general public across the world.

Google glasses changing the methods for surveillance

Although, Google has already planned to release the glasses this year across the world, these glasses will be expensive for its initial release and may only be bought by organizations, agencies and government departments.

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