Electric Vehicles Are The Future Of Urban Transportation

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Proterra was founded in 2004. It is a company built for one purpose, to introduce heavy duty vehicles to the public that run on clean fuel. Dale Hill, the founder, started off by introducing green buses to Denver on 16th Street that still run today. Then he founded Proterra to take it up a notch. Today his stand is an inspiration for businessmen every where to invest in an initiative to save the planet. Now Proterra has become even bigger because former U.S. Secretary for Transport Ray LaHood has joined them.

Proterra Electric Bus

Ray LaHood was remembered during his tenure for enforcing environmentally friendly policies and advocating for green fuels in transport. With Proterra he aims to do the same but in the private sector.

Electric Bus Future

The buses built by Proterra are fast and energy efficient and can transport up to 68 people at a time. They have an inbuilt emission free heating and cooling system and charge while passengers and getting off or on at bus stops. Proterra has developed charging stations that power up the bus in less than ten minutes for a battery life of a few hours. They’ve achieved this by powering the buses with lithium titanate batteries that can last for eight years or more.

Proterra Team

Proterra Team

What’s more is that these buses are cost effective. Each one is estimated to save $600,000 over a period of 12 years in fuel costs as well as $70-95,000 in maintenance costs. It seems that green energy is finally reaching a point where investors will stop worrying about losing money which is good news for mother earth.

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