Electric Roads by Volvo Will Charge Vehicles In Future

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Volvo has teamed up with Swedish Transport Administration to develop electric roads that will charge vehicles on the go. They are planning to test the concept through a 300 to 500 meter electric road built in Gothenburg, Sweden during 2015.


The Volvo Group will develop a detailed proposal for building wireless charge technology into the roads and manufacturing vehicles with automatic charging capability during operations. The test will be carried out in a suitable bus lane in central Gottenburg with the public transport. The data from this test will be helpful for future deployment of electric roads and electric vehicles.


The way system will work is super amazing. Energy will be transferred wirelessly from the electric grid to the bus during the drive. The road will be equipped with two power rails to create a current loop. The vehicle will be prepared with a radio emitter releasing a proper encrypted signal, which will energize the rails on sensing vehicle. The current only flows in the rails if the speed is above 60 km/h.

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Three Volvo buses have been speeding on the roads for quite some time now. However, these buses have to be plugged-in to get charged. The standard Volvo FH-12 tractor with a diesel engine will be used as a test bed for the project. 750 V of direct current is delivered to the collector located at the rear end of the bus. The collector can track the power line even if the vehicle is not directly over the contact lines.

Existing road network is planned to be used for this project, instead of building new ones. The system is currently managed locally in the vehicle, but the concept of remote monitoring is also in the pipeline.

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