Facebook Drone Project Will Provide Internet To Remote World

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Facebook is the largest social network in the world with 1.2 billion registered users. It has crushed all its competition, new (twitter, Google Plus) and old (MySpace, Friendster); every other social network has a fraction of its user base. These days however, it seems to be buying out all its competition rather than crushing it. Facebook has bought Instagram for $1 billion and Whatsapp for $19 billion and now, perceivably, in a desperate attempt to compete with Amazon and Google (two companies they can’t possibly buy), they’re going to release drones that provide internet to the world.


Facebook is reportedly going through talks to buy the drone maker, Titan Aerospace for $60 million. The company calls its drones “Solar Atmospheric Satellites”. The drones have a lifespan of five years, fly at 65,000 feet, have a wing span almost as large as a Boeing 777 and are charged by solar panels, hence their name.

Titan Aerospace

The Chief Executive of Ttitanium Aerospace, Vern Raburn refused to comment on any dealings with the Social Network but said that the capabilities and possibilities of this idea were huge. The drones will be able to deliver internet to remote areas of Africa and Asia and many other parts of the world. This will cement Facebook name as the king of social networks, not that it needed to be. Facebook already has the largest user base of any social network, now it’ll be the first social network many people in an area have ever used in their lives; some people might probably use Facebook before they use Google. They’ll have to use E-mail first though, there’s no way around that.. Yet!

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