Facial Recognition Will Predict Your Lifespan In Future

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Facial recognition systems are used either to identify a criminal or as a recognition system for people with prosopagnosia, a face blindness disorder. But did you know these systems can predict your life span too? It sounds absurd but scientists believe that such technology is not far off.

biological growth from young to old

How can a simple computer application calculate your life expectancy? According to scientists the computer application will first scan your digital photograph analyzing every section of the face such as cheek, eye, brow, mouth, jaws looking for signs of aging. The aging signs usually include the signal lines, dark spots, drooping etc in comparison with others of same age and background. Once this data is collected, the computer calculates the life span taking into account other factors such as subject’s race, gender, education level and smoking history.

It is kind of fearsome to know about your life longevity; it will make you think twice about your health decisions. If the system predicts a few years of life for you then you will have a chance to change your life which may even lead to increase in life span. Scientists say it is better to focus on increasing the life expectancy then on older age diseases which can be prevented once your future health level can be predicted.

how future face recognition systems calculate life span

In order to prove the system viable, scientists have to wait for the initial testers to die to see whether the system predicted the life span accurately or not. Currently, the scientists have launched a website to collect a database of digital face photographs from around the world. This will greatly improve the predictions leading to accurate assessments.

The idea is still budding but it has aroused enough interest in the funding organizations to bring this project to life. Google and NIH have already invested millions of dollars into health-focused facial recognition technology.

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