10 Facts About iPhone 6 That You Should Know

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As the consequences of rumors going around for months, Apple finally released two larger iPhones last night. Both iPhone 6 with 4.7 inch display and iPhone 6 plus with 5.5 inch display are running on the latest version of Apple OS.  However, today we are going to highlight the key facts of the big release which you should know. Go through the list and tell us your favorite one.

1.  Reachability Gesture – A Solution For Large Screens

According to survey, most users are in favor of large screen phones especially in parts of Asia. This time Apple followed the survey but at the same time it introduced ‘Reachability Gesture’ for people who dislike large screens. This feature reduces any application to smaller size in order to navigate on it e.g. closing an application from a reduced size rather than going all the way to the top. You need to double tap the home button to get the entire display down.

1-Unknown iPhone 6 Facts - Reachability Gesture

2. Horizontal Display For Home Screen

2-Unknown iPhone 6 Facts - Horizontal Display

3. iSight Camera – Focus Pixels For Faster Auto-Focus

The new sensor installed on the camera now captures 80% more light.  iSight Camera also features focus pixels for a faster auto-focus.

3-Unknown iPhone 6 Facts - iSight Camera

4. Wi-Fi Calling

The new iPhone supports high-quality voice calls over LTE as well as Wi-Fi calling. Users can also browse, download and stream content faster.

4-Unknown iPhone 6 Facts - Wi-Fi Calling

5. Retina HD Display Screen Uses Metal 3D Gaming Development Software

This new graphics technology can take the high performance of iPhone’s A8 chip to bring the console class 3D games to iPhone.

5-Unknown iPhone 6 Facts -  Retina HD Supports 3D Game Development Software

6. Apple Pay – Make Payments At A Retailer Using Captured Card Image

iPhone can now take your card image and process securely with the card number saved on the device only. It will add the information to the phone’s passbook and allow the users to make payments at the retailer.

6-Unknown iPhone 6 Facts - Apple Pay

7. iPhone 6 Can Be Paired With An Apple Watch

This feature can help Apple Watch to receive phone calls & messages, play music, display heart rate and also act as a digital wallet.

7-Unknown iPhone 6 Facts -  Pair With An Apple Watch

8. Supports The Newest OS Version – iOS 8

This newest OS will have features such as starting a message on iPhone and finishing it on an iPad.

8-Unknown iPhone 6 Facts -  iOS 8

9. Hidden Cost For iPhone 6 Ownership

The purchase price of the iPhone is only part of lifetime cost of ownership. In addition, the cost also includes contract pricing and replacement of existing iPhone accessories and peripherals.

9-Unknown iPhone 6 Facts -  Hidden Cost For iPhone 6 Ownership

10. Slow Motion Video Recording – Captures 240 Frames/Sec

10-Unknown iPhone 6 Facts - Slow Motion 240 frames per second

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