Ferrari Land Coming In Barcelona, Spain

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Ferrari is one of the most famous cars on the planet in addition to being the one of the most expensive. The logo of a shield with a horse on its hind legs has become legendary in the world of casual cruising and professional racing. Ferrari also has an indoor theme park, believe it or not, in Abu Dhabi. Its the largest in the world and also sports the largest Ferrari Badge and now it’s investing in another one in Barcelona, Spain.

Ferrari Theme Park

Ferrari has signed a deal with PortAventura Entertainment S.A.U to build a Ferrari themed park called Ferrari Land as part of the PortAventura resort and theme park in Barcelona. The theme park will have more than four million visitors a year (the current business the PortAventura resort gets) and will include restaurants, a drive in a Ferrari, racing simulations and about 250 rooms and car exhibits.


The $136 million project is bound to be a winner because it will not only attract Formula 1 fanatics but kids and adults of all ages. The park has been pitched as an opportunity for the entire family to discover the world of Ferrari. The only concern is the price because if the entrance ticket is as expensive as a Ferrari then the only people with inflated bank accounts the size of elephants will be able to get in.

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