Ferrari Next Electric Super Car Is Close To Production

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The electric car is environmentally friendly, the more responsible choice as it contributes almost nothing to carbon emissions and makes life more healthy for the flora and fauna of the earth but unfortunately for us the overwhelmingly positive results of adopting this mode of transport are outweighed by the minor immediate negative effects such as the car doesn’t go fast enough and requires painstaking amounts of time to charge at charging stations. But that might change with time and a lot sooner than we think with the Concept One car from Rimac.

ferrari killer

Rimac has been talking about this super car since 2011 and has already begun financing its production. About $11 million have gone in to its initial research and six of these beauties have been slated for production. Company employees will cough up $1 million to own one of them and its yours truly’s guess that the cash will be worth it. Just look at that interior.


For technical buffs and car enthusiasts here are the specifications for this Ferrari Killer. The Concept One boasts four electric motors that combine to churn out 1,088 horsepower and 1,180 foot-pounds of torque. It goes from 0 to 60 miles an hour in a measly 2.8 seconds and peaks at a strong 190 miles an hour. The car also covers about 373 miles in a single charge, talk about getting gas mileage. 

COncept One

If you want one of these beauties you better call and book one because they are limited edition only. A paltry 88 will ever be made and you bet your stars that some big companies will be eyeing them with their mouths watering.

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