Finally Smart Mirrors Technology Coming To Life

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These smart mirrors gives you the required information alongside your reflection to fulfill your daily needs in bathroom, kitchen or a living room.

Designed by Toshiba, this technology called “Multi Display in Black Mirror” has the capability to put important information alongside your reflection. The mirror also comes with an in-built camera, that can be used to interact with the information on the mirror, the same way as Kinect works with an Xbox. For example, in a bathroom it gives you the information like weather, temperature and daily task scheduler to help you start your day. While in the kitchen it can help you with finding and making cooking recipes.

The futuristic home with Smart-Mirrors, a technology we used to see only in concept designs decades ago, has finally come up to life. No wonder, it will grab a huge market response, whenever it goes live on sale.

how kinect xbox works

Kinect Working With Xbox

Source: Toshiba | Picture Courtesy: gizmag

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