Find Out What Exactly Is Located Opposite To Your Present Position

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As a child, you might have tried to look on the back side of the mirror or maybe tried to capture the cartoon characters by lurking behind the TV set. However, have you ever wondered what is exactly opposite to the point you are standing right now? Is it Indian Ocean or a new city that you wished to visit? is there to fulfill your curiosity. Antipodes refer to two points which are exactly opposite to each other diametrically on Earth. The website provides two side by side map views; one of your current location and the other is the location exactly opposite to your current location – passing through the center. To add the fun element, an animated character is also shown at both locations. The character has apparently traveled underground to reach the antipodal point.  The website offers some quirky comments like “Beware of the sharks, you have just come out of an ocean.”


According to the website, most of the Europeans and Americans believe that if you dig a hole in a straight line you would definitely reach the antipodal point. The website also offers interesting facts and antipodal city pairings. It’s main motto is that at least once in your life you may have wondered what is under your feet on the other side of the world.


Its a unique way of looking at a map. It is informative in a little way but mostly just an exercise for fun; something different than the usual routine.  It has a very simple user interface made solely for the purpose of viewing antipodal locations. Do check it out and let  us know whats your Antipode in the comment section below.

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