Find your lost android phone using google

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Mobile phones are easily lost and seldom found. Tracing a lost phone is not easy even in modern times.Google has tried to resolve the issue somewhat for Android users your phone can happen easily. Users can now type “find my phone” in the Google Search tab accessing through any browser. Requirements of usability of the option involve logging into the same Google account as that being used on your phone and installing the latest Google app version on your device beforehand. If you have made these two precautions, typing “Find your phone” in the search bar will show a map in the search results.


The phone will only be located on the map if it’s powered on. The map will show the location of your phone and will offer to give it a call. Ringing the phone is only a good option in case it has been lost somewhere inside the home or you accidentally left it somewhere.
One can make use of this service without installing the Android device manager app in their phone that was previously a necessity. This new technology is an online Android device manager that has made the task easier.

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