The First Fully Functional Working Artificial Skin

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While many of us are busy reading about 3D printed organs and health monitoring systems, Swiss scientists have made a breakthrough in bio-technology, by discovering a new way to bio-engineer artificial skin. The developed skin looks and functions very much like a normal skin.

A team of scientists from University Children’s Hospital, Zurich has created the skin grafts from human cells using blood and lymph vessels, which grows into a gel within 3 weeks time. This discovery was tested on the rats skins, and it presented amazing results. The artificial skin morphed into the normal skin and continued to grow healthy cells. Researchers are confident about positive results on human trials, up next.

artificial working skin

If human trials show positive results, the scientists plan to add natural pigment, sweat glands, nerves, and hair follicles so the artificially made skin would work as close to the natural one.


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