Fix Accidental Bumper Of Your Car With Hot Water

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Life Hacks or Do It Yourself (DIY) Hacks have achieved a lot of popularity around the internet for offering simple and often very elegant solutions to every day problems. This time its about fixing that nasty dent in your bumper.


Dents happen often to cars either by an accident in traffic or by the will of some nasty troll who just wants to get some sadistic pleasure out of denting your car. Well there’s a guy called Sxpnthr on imgur who posted this little hack to fix that dent without spending any money on mechanics. You will need a kettle of boiling water, a kettle of cold water and some gloves.

Step 1

1. Boil some water in a kettle.

Step 2

2. Wear your gloves and pour the boiling water over the dent. Essentially this will allow the area of the dent to expand a little so that reshaping it is less of a problem.

Step 3

3. Reach inside the car and pop out the dent from the inside.

Step 4

4. Pour cold water over the now popped out dent and that’s it.

5. Your dent has been fixed. Enjoy. Oh and buff out the scratches if there are any.


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