This Is How Football Stadiums In Brazil Can Be Converted Into Living Apartments

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Germany took home the majestic FIFA World Cup 2014 trophy on Sunday, after it humiliated the host country with 7 goals to 1 in semi-finals.

For Brazil, world cup did not exactly start off with a good omen. Months before the world cup, there was an outburst from Brazilians towards government and for a good reason too. 170,000 citizens were to be evicted from their homes and communities in preparation for the world cup mega constructions.

Billions of dollars were spent on the World Cup venues with one new stadium built, four rebuilt and two upgraded across 12 cities. All this preparation was done for an event that spans for one month and held after four years in a host country which evidently is not a fixed venue. Brazil will not be hosting the world cup for an almost decade or so.

fifa world cup stadiums brazil

These stadiums will be a continuous reminder of money and resource wastage to the poor citizens of Brazil. What can possibly be done to make a better use of these stadiums? Well, a few will be reused by renovating for the upcoming 2016 Olympics while most of them will be left unused. The two French architects might have the perfect solution for the problem at hand.

world cup stadiums turning into residential place

world cup stadiums used for affordable housing

French architects Axel de Stampa and Sylvain Macaux take on an architectural issue each week at their website 1 Week 1 Project. Right on time, the project for week 29 is entitled Casa Futebol which aims to redesign the world cup stadiums to use for affordable housing.

world cup stadiums redesign through modular housing units


Football Stadium Appartments

Football Stadium Reuse For Housing

The two architects proposed to stack modular housing unit in between the concrete pylons which are part of the gigantic structure of the stadium. The stadium will still be able to host events or otherwise can be used as the safest playing field for the children of the tenants. The ticket sales from the events can cover up maintenance cost while tenants can also enjoy the front seating for the event.

Turning these vacant world cup stadiums into both residence and sports events is a brilliant way to use resources.

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