Ford To Advance In Automated Driving Research With MIT And Stanford

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Ford is planning to bring its Automated Driving Vehicle on roads by 2025; in an announcement made for a new research project of the industrial giant collaborating with MIT and Stanford. Partnering with research institute will help Ford advance in the design of automated sensors attached with the vehicle.

Research in MIT will help developing sensors for the vehicle, which uses advanced algorithms to detect moving objects and pedestrians that could come across vehicle in future. This will help the vehicle to sense the surrounding risks and adopting a better, safer route avoiding other moving obstacles.



Stanford on the other hand is working on “seeing” around the vehicle’s surroundings. Generally when the driver’s view gets blocked by an obstacle like big truck in the front. Drivers cannot decide to take a risk of overtaking vehicle, unless they know exactly what’s going on beyond his view. This research would enable the sensors to take a peek ahead and decide taking the maneuvers, making its path safe and obstacle free.

While the undergoing research produces some amazing findings, we have to wait and see how far the driving experience with automated driving vehicles be safe and efficient till 2025.

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