Ford’s Obstacle Avoidance System Is The Future Of Smart Cars

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Recently, we reviewed the Vehicle to Vehicle communication technology, in which cars “talks” to each other sending wireless signals to avoid obstacles and accidents. Not exact, but a similar technology is being developed by Ford. the obstacle avoidance system by the company uses a camera, radar and ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles in the roadway ahead.

It doesn’t only detect the still objects present on the road but if a moving object, like for example a pedestrian happens to cross the road, the system will detect it and can even apply brakes in emergency.


According to the press release by the company, the system first displays a warning and then plays a sound, if it detects any obstacle coming along the path. If the driver does not respond by changing path or applying brakes, then the system take charge of the vehicle; applies the brakes, scans for gaps on either side of the obstacle, and takes control of the electronic power steering to avoid a possible collision.

Ford doesn’t promise to bring this technology on the future vehicles as this system is developed as a part of a Ford-led and European-funded research project called “interactIVe” (Accident Avoidance by Active Intervention of Intelligent Vehicles).

(Press Release)

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