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Internet on one hand has not only reduced the distance between people but also gave the capability to explore the world from a computer screen. But like anything else, there exists certain loopholes too. Once any information is on internet, it can never be taken down completely. Perhaps the reason being the way internet works; creating a web of links, propagating information from one link to another.

delete your online life from google

The fear of privacy invasion makes one wish for an access key to the search engines’ data centers. We can’t say much about others, but Google is providing you access to your data on its servers. You will have the ability to delete your online life from Google results forever.

Last week, Google released website where you can sign-up to exercise your right to be forgotten. Once the account is set-up, Google takes a few minutes to collect your data to display before you. You can select the data that needs to be deleted providing a solid reason for it and then submit the application. There you go; your data is wiped out of the system.

forget me delete your google data forever

The top reason provided by users was privacy invasion which accounted for 306 out of total 1016 submissions. Other reasons included “Negative opinions”, “redundancy” and “origin, nationality or ethnic identity”.

For now, only Europeans can exercise their right to be forgotten. Though an option for non-Europeans is available but it gives error during data search.

forget me google delete your past

What wrongs have you done in your past? Google is giving you or at least some of you, the chance to eradicate those naive mistakes.

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