Forget Stylus, Meet The Smart Pen That Can Do Anything You Want

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Stylus technology has failed to amaze us since the usual focus of innovation has always been on the tablets and smartphones. The technology existed separately as an alternative option for users if they were interested in working with stylus on any touch screen device. The early generation styluses were irritatingly slow and not even close to a natural pen.

Wacom New Bamboo Line Stylus - 2

The launch of stylus equipped specialized devices increased the stylus fan base. Companies realizing the demand turned their focus on improving this technology. One of the well-known companies in this technology is Wacom which has designed and made the stylus for different touch screen devices. Until now the technology has been vendor specific but now Wacom has launched three new styluses with one being a one-fit-all.

Wacom New Bamboo Line Stylus - 1

Wacom has announced three new bamboo pens and a new Intuos version for tablets and smartphones. Two of the entry level bamboo stylus has been specially made for iPad having Bluetooth powered pressure sensitivity abilities. These styluses are equipped with a pen on one side and can be used with any touch screen device. They are offering better nibs with high levels of pressure sensitivity; features which are on par with Wacom’s top end artistic tablets.

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The Bamboo Stylus Fineline has a thin tip with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity while the Intuos Creative Stylus 2 will have 2048 levels of pressure. The Bamboo Fineline provides a natural drawing and writing experience due to its thin tip. The stylus pressure sensitivity works well with the Bamboo Paper and other Bamboo’s developer partnership apps.

Wacom New Bamboo Line Stylus - 3

The palm rejection feature is both intelligent and faultless with the microUSB charging port offering a 26 hours of continuous use. Wacom will also roll out cloud services for the stylus with which the pen can share files across different devices through the stylus Bluetooth.  The stylus will cost only $59 despite its advanced features.

Wacom New Bamboo Line Stylus - 5

The Intuos creative stylus is aimed at digital artists offering the highest pressure sensitivity on the market with a cost of $79.95.

Wacom New Bamboo Line Stylus - 4

The new Bamboo Solo and Bamboo Duo are designed to be used with any tablet, iPad or smartphone. These offer more ergonomic design and durable new tips over the originals with affordable price tags of $19.95 and $29.95 respectively. The Duo offers an actual ballpoint at one end to suffice the need of carrying a real notebook.

The Bamboo line is available now on Wacom’s online store and select retail partners while the Intuos creative will be shipped in this month.

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