Future Dell Laptops Will Feature Wireless Charging

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Anyone with a dying laptop battery has wondered in frustration why isn’t there any way to get charged automatically without connecting those huge wired-adopters? Wouldn’t it be great not to carry those armful of cables every time you leave home? All that extra baggage creates hassle and discomfort. The concept of wireless charging for laptops has never been out of question but now it seems like DELL is actually interested in making it happen.

In the near future, Dell laptops are expected to have the wireless charging feature as Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) has signed a deal with Dell that will hopefully lead us towards a cable free world.


Dell would become the first laptop company to introduce wireless charging option. The Alliance however, calls for a standard of wireless charging, that requires anywhere from 20 to 50 watts of power. The concept is to make use of resonance technology to charge up devices that are placed in the vicinity of its charging surface. This clever innovation requires installation of a power transmitter underneath a surface where people spend long stretches of time like coffee shops, conference table. This hub will be able to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Lets get rid of these cables!

Lets get rid of these cables!

Resonance powered device, however doesn’t exist yet that calls us off to wait till we see the actual product working. Dell could potentially speed up the process of this futuristic invention as a result of which managing devices may become both easier and less wasteful. A wire-free future sounds exciting to all of us. The idea of stepping out of house without bulky chargers is very pleasant however speed of charging could be a question mark on its applicability.

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