Futuristic Bike Helmet Features Heads Up Display

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At a time when Navigation, Digital Music and gestures control are shaping up every tech product, skully engineers saw an opportunity to upgrade something that has largely been left behind; The Motorcycle Helmets. The AR-1 is the first helmet with a digital head-up display and also features navigation system (GPS), hands-free phone system, rare-view camera and voice command. The helmet runs a modified version of Android operating system which offers navigation and blue tooth connectivity. Once you pair the helmet with a smartphone, the rider can use voice command to make phone calls and start music playback.

The Skully P-1

The Skully P-1

Whenever a rider looks at a street sign, in the mirrors or takes an over-the-shoulder glance to make sure a lane is clear, their eyes are briefly off the road ahead where hazards await. So, once you provide navigation and rear camera view in a helmet this would enable the rider to spend much more time eyes up and forward, reducing the risk of terrible accidents and tragedies. The P-1 navigation system has been kept as simple as possible and uses simple arrows with voice prompts.

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Marcus Weller, the CEO and Chairman of Skully Helmets says that they are close to beta testing the P-1 and also that this helmet would augment the awareness of the rider rather than detract from it.

Marcus Weller-CEO & Chairman of Skully Helmets.

Marcus Weller-CEO & Chairman of Skully Helmets.

SkullyHelmets Navigation GPS

The futuristic P-1 Helmet camera has a 180 degree field of vision , enabling the driver to change lanes conveniently and also eliminating the blind spots. Moreover, it broadcasts turn by turn directions with simple directives like “turn right here”.But does putting a display on a motorcycle helmet makes you suicidal or safer? Only time will tell.

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