The Futuristic Real Convertible Car

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If any of you remember the cartoon Wacky Races, you’d recall there was a scientist called Professor Pat Pending who used to drive a Convert-a-car. The car could literally turn in to anything, like an aeroplane or a submarine or a ship. This was a real convertible car. The ones in real life just have a retractable top. However, a futuristic concept for a real convertible car has been given by a German automotive design student named Kenan Haliloglu.


Its called the Split&Go concept. The vehicle is essentially a car cum SUV that interchange between designs. The SUV can comfortably seat eight people and the car, five. The rear seats can fold up in order to turn the rear into an expanded luggage space. The car also sports the ability to “grow” two extra wheels. When needed, the cargo area can detach from the car and one can cruise in a small and light commuter car. The wheels also each have a separate electric motor so that superior “cruise control” may be achieved.

The car runs on electricity and features an efficient, high speed charging hub in the front. Vehicles like these are slowly but surely becoming more common in the world and with the emphasis in shifting to greener power by different organisations, it only seems imminent that the world will soon adopt a clean, all in one solution to their problems.

Split&Go car mode

The car is still just a concept though, as the mechanisms featured in its design still have to be invented and tested.

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