Futuristic Self Driving ‘Living Room On Wheels’

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After a long and tiresome journey on the road, how does it feel to be back in your living room? Heavenly, right? Those comfy Couches, Big screen Television and a home made cappuccino is all that you wish for to relax and feel at home. Well your wish has been granted by Rinspeed. Soon to be presented at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show is the Tesla Model S which is being called as “Living Room on Wheels”. How cool does that sound? We will be giving a sneak peak of what the future of in-car entertainment might look like.



The futuristic concept will not only drive itself but is also equipped with the ability to listen to music, watch movies on 32inch screen in 4k resolution with surround sound, surf the web, hold a party meeting at 120 km/h or brewing a fresh cup of Italian espresso while working on your files. Does it get any better? Yes! The immense luxury doesn’t end here. The reclining adjustable seats and a move able steering column that features the World’s most expensive watch winder by Swiss watchmaker makes this car irresistibly cool.



The luxurious interior cabin is supposed to evoke a maritime aesthetic because of the blue and grey colored textiles used. The entire focus of the car is to bring about comfort and ease for the travelers. These numerous remarkable features of navigation, entertainment, assistance and services have definitely accelerated curiosity and desire to see this futuristic design soon.



This car is all about living large, right sown to the smallest detail. After introducing this futuristic design its safe to say that big things are happening in this world.

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