Futuristic Self-Driving Vehicle Has No Streering Wheel

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Futuristic Autonomous vehicles may protect us from today’s unsafe drivers who text and talk on smartphones and engage in other risky behaviors while driving; distracted among us everyday. Recently, AKKA Technologies presented a prototype of the AKKA link&go 2.0 auto at the Geneva Motor Show. The funky and quirky looking van has no steering wheel and is hooked up to a completely integrated electric platform and is also equipped with various sensors such as lasers and cameras which are capable of preventing any blind spots by analyzing the vehicle’s environment in a 360 degree radius.



Designed for the city of future, the self driven car has an integrated system which connects with social media to allow for further carpooling and car-sharing capabilities. Designed specifically for urban scenarios, Link & GO 2.0 is actually more a taxi than means of individual mobility. Of course this type of vehicle is driven electrically, with a hub drive built-into all wheels freeing up more cabin room.



The interior looks more like a media room than car cabin. Equipped with a solid Wi-Fi connection, this car acts like an autonomous taxi, where the driver speaks html. You can easily hail it from from an app in your phone, input the directions and off you go. The lithium-ion batteries provide a range of almost 200 km and as soon as the car notices that its running out of power, it autonomously heads for the charging station.

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