Futuristic Wrist Band That Converts Your Skin Into A Touch Screen

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Cicret bracelet is a small wristband which alters the meaning of wearable devices, since it converts your skin into a touch screen. The device costs US $400 and plans to reach the mass market in next one and a half year.

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Cicret Bracelet has a row of eight proximity sensors which points towards the user’s forearm (pico projector). The android interface gets activated with a twist of the wrist and projects on to the user’s skin. The proximity sensors follow the user’s finger and allow her interact with the interface which is how the wristband converts skin into touch screen.

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The device will let user send and receive emails, browse the web, play games, answer incoming calls and activate speakerphone through smartphone pair. The bracelet has an accelerometer, vibration module along with an LED for notifications, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a Micro USB port. The wristband will be available in 16 GB and 32 GB model.

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The Cicret bracelet design is simple and similar to a clip-on bracelet that can easily be worn on the wrist. It is available in 10 different colors.

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The idea for Cicret Bracelet floated around 12 months ago and was designed over the course of six months. The first prototype is expected to be completed in about three week time. Cicret is currently raising funds through donation on their website for further development and production of the bracelet.

Check out the Cicret Bracelet in action in the video below.

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