Gesture Control Arms Will Replace Computer Mouse In Future

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We are at the brink of a major technological shift where we are changing the ideas which we previously perceived to be final and a done deal. We are merging technologies to change the ones we are already equipped with. Such as replacing the traditional silicon (core of computing devices) with a vacuum transistor, traditional keyboard with a wearable band to make the keyboard invisible or the latest in line- an armband wirelessly controlling digital devices with a simple hand gesture.

myo armband gesture control

Well, Thalmic Labs created a lot of buzz when they first announced Myo armband last year. This armband can wirelessly control laptops, computers, smart phones and any other digital device with a wave of your hand. The Canada based start-up is all set to release the Myo armbands this September.

Myo armband is equipped with motion sensors which can also measure the electrical activity in the arm’s muscles. Using the data, the band can interpret the movements and execute the right instruction on the computer screen.

This band is light weight and designed to fit any arm as long as it is wore on the upper forearm. It is compatible with computers and tablets via a Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy connection. The device has a Lithium Ion Battery which helps it run for a few days before recharging.

myo band measures electrical activity in arm muscles

Now, here is a question to think about. How do you flick the pages of a digital magazine on your laptop? You move your mouse to the slider below or click the invisible arrow on the edges of the magazine user interface.

However, with Myo armband you do not need to do even slightest amount of work. Just wave your hand to right or left and the page will turn. Similarly, rotate your hand fist to turn up or turn down the volume. Myo Armband is here to replace the computer mouse once and for all.

control desktop with hand gestures

The device is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and android. It is available for a pre-order at $149.  The armband has given other competitors a run for their money since they relied on cameras to monitor the gestures.

This technology can be adopted to control other remote controlled devices such as TVs and radio-controlled cars.

See the armband being used for playing video game in the video below.

YouTube Preview Image

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