Gestures Control Interface Will Be Everywhere By 2015

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the fluid experience

Gesture interfaces are the next step forward after the perfection of touchscreen technology. And like the touchscreen, its going to take a few tries to get it right, though maybe not as many as it took for the touchscreen. From the Apple Newton to the iPhone to the HTC touch, it took almost twenty years to perfect capacitive touch but Leap technology, the Kinect and the technology in the Samsung Galaxy S4 came out almost back to back. Now a more advanced piece of technology that may perfect the gesture interface is coming out, its called the Fluid Experience, and it’ll blow your hair back.


Apart from the Kinect and the Xbox One made by Microsoft, a company called Aquifi is coming out with gesture based technology called the Fluid Experience. The idea is to make a much wider space than the immediate space in front of the screen. The Fluid Experience will feature recognition of much more complicated gestures than the touchscreen or the Kinect is capable of recognizing.

minority report

By focusing on the 3D gesture recognition, Aquifi is trying to construct machines similar in function to the ones in the Minority Report. And of course as with all new technology this one will also be adaptive, taking note of the most commonly used gestures by a single user and thus will predict different gestures before they happen to reduce error.

This will have a variety of applications just like smartphones and tablets are now used for finger print recognition, financial transactions, shopping etc.

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