Giant Blankets Of Air Bubbles Proposed For Smog Issue In Beijing

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China is one of the most polluting countries in the world by magnitude of carbon dioxide emissions. And as mother nature is dishing out some revenge to the United States for their pollution in the form of extreme climate change, its vengeance on China has concentrated on the country’s capital, Beijing, in the form of suffocating smog.

Beijing Smog

A comparison of Beijing without and with the smog

Smog has become a recurrent problem in Beijing and a serious one. It is so serious that a warning system has been put in place to help avoid health concerns in case of deadly smog, yes its so serious that it has its own warning system. A few days ago the smog was so bad that the alert levels were raised to “orange”, the second highest warning level on the system.

Now a London Architecture Firm by the name of Orproject has suggested a solution, a dome. China has already invested in two large $5 million domes that encompass the outdoor areas of their schools so that children can have fun while protected from the smog. Orproject simply suggests a much larger dome that houses botanical gardens so that a clean air environment can be experienced. The project is called “Bubbles”. The only thing that is disturbing is that this bubble will be somewhat exclusive, providing a better environment for only the elite.


This solution will only work though, if the majority of citizens have access to it. Beijing citizens are already suing the government for the discomfort they are experiencing due to the smog, if only a few citizens get protection from it, there might be a full scale protest against the system.

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