Gillette Posts Image of Its 1904 Razor Design, and Literally Got Trolled

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Gillette celebrated its 110th anniversary by posting an image of a 1904 razor design – the first patent of the company. What happened next was hilarious and totally unexpected.

Gillete 1904 Razor Design

Almost everyone who replied thought that the current design is a disappointment. Most followers mentioned sarcastically that despite the increased price, the product quality has gone way down. Check out a few of the comments below.

Gillete Facebook Post Comments 1

Gillete Facebook Post Comments 2

Gillete Facebook Post Comments 3

Numerous time Gillette tried to defend referring to the reviews given on its new razor design here but even then it did not turn out well. Additionally, people complained that the new fusion blades were expensive and did not last very long. On the other hand, the old school single blade razors were cheaper, resulted in better shave and worked perfectly fine.

Gillette hoped to promote its new line of razors through a comparison post showing how much the product has evolved. Instead, it got trolled and ended up diverting customers to old school razors.

Gillete Facebook Post Comments 4

You can check out the post on  Gillete’s Facebook Page.

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