Google Plans To Bring Incredibly Fast Internet In Near Future

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In 2012 Google announced its plan to provide above average internet speeds to a few states in the US. It called this plan gigabit. By now Austin, Provo and Kansas City. Now its planning to reveal an even faster service in the future with a speed of 10 giga bits per second though not in the recent future. The average internet speed in the US is still less than about 10 Mbps. Google’s plan is as it was when it introduced gigabit to raise the bar for internet service.

Google Fiber

So far however, the response from mainstream internet providers has been lukewarm. No great “bandwidth revolution” has come about and the the CFO of Time Warner Cable Irene Esteves has commented that customers don’t care for a faster internet. Hence the competition just doesn’t seem to care about these new developments from the tech giant. If all this wasn’t enough, Time Warner Cable was published by Comcast, its biggest rival. With more and more competition not innovating or calling it quits, the bar for excellence is poised to remain stationary.

However the people in some US states are taking matters in to their own hands. In Chattanooga, Tennessee a community network was built providing a gigabit of speed to the citizens in 2009. Some have encountered legal obstructions and given up while others are still trying. Company lobbyists in Kansas are even pushing for legislation to go through that makes it illegal for states to provide their own internet services.

Google Fiber

There’s hope on the horizon however, as Verizon is testing its own 10 Gbps service and the city of Santa Monica offers speeds up to that limit in its City Net On-Net buildings.

High Speed Fibers

High Speed Fibers

This is the game that Google is trying to influence, a shift in the paradigm, whether or not they succeed is still anyone’s guess.

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