Google Glass App Identifies People Through Facial Recognition

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The famous physicist Michio Kaku said in one of his lectures that in the future the internet will be placed inside our glasses, we will be able to lock on to a strangers face and display his/her biography from the internet and at a cocktail party we will know exactly who to “suck up to”. Well its happening now, in fact it already has.

FacialNetwork’s Google Glass application “NameTag” allows two and a half million registered faces to be recognised and opens up their biography instantaneously along with their social network details. It recognised Kanye West from a photograph and can apparently recognise people in different clothing or something like a hat or glasses to slightly hide their face.

Google has been warned from the beginning that their glasses pose a serious threat to privacy and can turn it in to a relic. Though the application is not an official Google Glass app and Google has repeatedly assured its critics that facial recognition is not an option they are pushing for in their product, it has always been known that facial recognition will sooner or later arrive to irreversibly change our lives.

Naturally the move has attracted the ire of many a rebellious voice, most notably Democratic Senator Al Franken. He urged the company FacialNetwork to delay the release of the app and limit its functionality. On the other hand the New York Police Department is using the new development to more effectively catch criminals. By introducing the profiles and images in to the database, recognising wanted criminals in crowds and public places will become much easier, leading to a higher number of arrests.


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